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Mixology - This part of the bartending course instructs students in the principles of mixology.  This is the fine art of drink mixing. Students gain knowledge of over 40 basic and fancy cocktails.

Liquors - During this section of the bartending training, students learn about the liquors they use.

Garnishes and Fruit Cutting - Students will be trained how to slice fruit and decorate tropical and specialty drinks.

Profit Pouring - This section of the bartending course teaches suggestive selling techniques that will enhance bar sales and tips.

Wines -Students obtain an understanding of wine service, tasting, and the distinction between wines.

Customer Service-Students learn how to give efficient well-mannered service.  Knowing how to provide superior service equals excellent tips that convert into money in your pocket.

Alcohol Awareness - Students learn to serve alcohol with care and attentiveness.  Several states now require bartenders to have this training before licensing.

Health and Safety / Legal Responsibilities (certification) - Students will learn the legal responsibilities, and health, and safety concerns of the workplace.  Certification is also available.

Cash Register Procedures, POS, and Cash Handling – In this part of the bartending course, students will learn to correctly operate a cash register and credit card authorization machine.  They will also learn the correct methods of managing cash.

Equipment and Bar Set Up -Students will learn how to arrange the bar and work station for the upcoming day.  They will also learn how to utilize and keep up all the tools of bartending.

* Day  classes
* Most affordable
* Easy money
* Fun life style
* Social environment
* Great full time or part time positions
* Flexible schedule 

Learn how to mix popular and classic drinks and gain the working knowledge of bartending duties, alcohol awareness, and customer service job placement assistance.
Most of our graduates earn their tuition back in the first week of bartending.

A bartending school is a great place to learn a skill that can be profitable and enjoyable. 
Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun, and meet new people.  The cost for our program includes books, supplies, and job placement assistance. There are no additional charges. Please email or call us for an appointment to discuss your future as a bartender. 


New classes begin Aug 1, 2022 and every Month after, so call us to find out our next starting date for the class that suits your schedule best.
Call 7 days a week for information from 9am to 9pm

Bartending Course features facilities that have completely operational bar.  Each bar is arranged as if you were training on the job,  soda guns, sinks, glassware, speed racks, ice bins, and bottles so that you will gain knowledge of by doing. Techniques of Speed - In this section of the bartending course, students are taught how to prepare multiple drinks orders rapidly and correctly.


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